This ain't your grandma's wrestling blog.



Growing up doesn't make you a winner. You're still a bitter bitch who needs to chill the fuck out. No one likes a bitch. Your boyfriends probably just sticking around for the sex. No one in their right mind would willing date someone like you.

it’s mah blawg i cn post wut i wanna

Wow you need to stop bitching and assuming things about people. Keep your personal life private and stop being a bitch. wow i'm sure you're just a delight to be around, pfft.

>tell me to stop assuming things about people

and then all I see on my notifications is how everyone wants to blow cody rhodes or whoever the flavor of the week is

nah, i’m not going to stop being a bitch. i have a job, a boyfriend, and i don’t live with my parents anymore. clearly, i’m winning.

Why do you have to be rude to everyone who messages you?

First of all, I barely do anything with this blog anymore. I don’t even remember the last time I got a message on here, let alone posted, and I’m not going to check.

But do you want the real reason? Because the people who message me are fucking stupid. Wrestling fans on tumblr (aka girls) are the dumbest people in the world. Now, I know what you are thinking. “Hey, isn’t the admin of fuckyeahwrestlingmemes a female wrestling fan on tumblr?” Yes, I have a vagina. I like wrestling, but I don’t post about it very often (if ever) on my tumblr. In fact, I try to avoid tumblr when it’s on.

My roommate is a professional wrestler. Hey, did you know that there’s more wrestling than just WWE, TNA, and ROH? WHAT A FUCKING CONCEPT. Being around wrestling ALL the time (before I moved in with my boyfriend and his roommates, I was at shows every weekend as it was, and even was paid to drive a few of the boys to the shows out of town) has really ruined it for me. Wrestlers are pieces of shit, and you shouldn’t idolize them. Just last weekend, I was woken up an our earlier than my alarm was set for on a Saturday morning (I wake up at 3:45 AM for work) after getting MAYBE an hour of sleep because I had to take care of my sick boyfriend because he CAN’T miss work (JOBS. WHAT A FUCKING CONCEPT) by a parade of wrestlers coming home from the bar. And then the girlfriend of a certain WWE announcer had sex with one of our wrestlers. Do you know what the number one rule of our house is? NO RATS IN THE HOUSE. So who isn’t allowed anymore? I say her, but I’m sure you little girls will say that’s ~sexist~.